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    Apple has announced Monday morning that the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, which is the largest and most powerful iPad to date, will be available for pre-ordering starting this Wednesday, November 11th.

    The large Apple-branded tablet will also be available in Apple's retail stores, as well as in the stores of authorized re-sellers later this week. This includes the new accessories that are made for the new device, including the Smart Keyboard and the Apple Pencil, which make productivity on the new tablet even easier, such as with word processing and drawing software.

    CUPERTINO, California — November 9, 2015 — Apple® today announced iPad Pro™ is available to order online on Wednesday, November 11, from and will arrive at Apple’s retail stores, select carriers and Apple Authorized Resellers starting later this week. Apple Pencil™ and Apple’s new Smart Keyboard, also available to order on Wednesday, bring breakthrough levels of precision and utility to iPad Pro.
    The iPad Pro will pack within a powerful A9X chip, 4GB of RAM, as well as a huge 5.6-million pixel retina display; it still even has the 10-hour battery life we would expect from an iPad. The base 32GB model of the iPad Pro will start at $799, and different storage configurations will go up from there. All of the usual colors will be available: space gray, silver, gold, and rose gold.

    The new powerful hardware, which is the most powerful hardware ever packed into an iOS device, will make multitasking, large-application usage, and creativity software run like butter.

    Apple also reminds us that the Smart Keyboard is built especially for the iPad Pro and will connect to it with proprietary connectors. The Apple Pencil, on the other hand, uses a Lightning connector to charge up directly from the iPad itself.

    Will you be buying an iPad Pro?

    Source: Apple
    2015-11-09 05:08 PM
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    Yep, my dumb @$$ just left my iPad Air on my return flight from a business trip. I was content with my iPad Air (original model) as well, but i guess the Apple gods decided it was time to upgrade. BUT i am seriously debating either the mini 4 or Air 2....Not sure if I want my tablet to be larger than my new MacBook laptop....that seems really ridiculous.

    No, but seriously....I just lost my 128Gb Air...I wanted to cry. Thats what I get for placing it in the setback in front of me with plans to watch Big Bang Theory, and then decide to just list to my Audio Book via my phone....
    2015-11-10 01:20 PM
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    **Update** Delta emailed me and found my iPad Air. I now have the air and pro! What to do what to do!
    Do what you can when you can, Why Wait?
    2015-11-15 09:32 PM