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    Apple's new 12.9-inch iPad Pro was made available for pre-order today online, but it was possible to grab one from specific retail stores two days early without having to wait until Friday to begin receiving your orders. Among those that appear to have received their iPad Pro early is the iFixit team, but that was to be expected.

    The iPad Pro has some interesting surprises, such as the massive 10307 mAh battery packed inside. iFixit shows off the A9x chip, the SK Hynix 2x 2GB RAM, Toshiba 32GB NAND flash storage, and the fancy speaker volume chambers that, along with new audio drivers, help improve the sound quality significantly for those using the tablet to watch videos or listen to audio.

    There are some things that iFixit doesn't like about the repairability aspect of the tablet, including the fact that the front panel has a fused-in display, which continues to make replacement highly expensive. Moreover, there is so much adhesive, that it takes a lot of work to get things removed from the case of the iPad Pro, increasing the likelihood of breaking something. On the plus side, battery replacements are pretty easy and the smart connector is unlikely to fail due to the lacking of moving parts.

    As a result of the teardown, iFixit rates the iPad Pro with a relatively low 3/10 repairability score.

    Source: iFixit
    2015-11-12 04:59 AM
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    Interesting specs there. Though the "32GB NAND flash storage" seems rather small for such a device, no?
    2015-11-13 05:40 PM