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    Apple’s newest tablet, the iPad Pro, was finally released last Wednesday. As we all know, the Cupertino-based company also introduced a Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil along with the tablet. Both of the new accessories have been pretty hard to purchase as both have had limited quantities. Both new products were not available for purchase in store when the iPad Pro first launched and the delivery date for online orders was November 19th (the earliest).

    Those who preordered the Apple Pencil however, recently saw a status change in their order to ‘preparing for shipment.’ They are seeing an estimated delivery date of November 20th to November 24th. This means that some people will be receiving the Apple Pencil just one day after the original estimated ship date of the 19th. Most likely people receiving their product on the 20th are those who preordered it at 12:00am November 11th.

    It was noted that some customer in the UK have already received their Apple Pencils, so there are a lucky few out there. If you are interested in the Apple Pencil or Smart Keyboard and decide to order it now, the estimated ship date is sometime mid to late next month. We’d suggest doing it soon if you plan on giving either of these as gifts, or you may be risking giving the person their gift early next year. The Smart Keyboard will cost you $169, meanwhile the Apple Pencil will cost you $99.

    Source: Macrumors

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    2015-11-17 02:07 PM