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    The iFixit team has went ahead with yet another tear-down this week, this time of the Apple Pencil, which is the new drawing tool that Apple provides for use with the iPad Pro in drawing applications where artists want finer lines than are possible with their fingers.

    The tear-down has provided a comprehensive view of what Apple has packed inside of the small device. It's actually a complicated little piece of equipment, and even iFixit was struggling a little bit to get it open. Among the first of the problems that they experienced was removing the Lightning connector.

    Once the plastic casing was removed, and the metal internal case was removed, they moved on to the guts, which shows the logic board, battery, and wireless radios:

    iFixit notes that the 3.82 V, 0.329 Wh lithium-ion battery is not replaceable whatsoever, but it does get a 12 hour battery life according to Apple. Also noted is that the logic board, which folds in half to conserve space, is the smallest logic board they've ever seen and only weighs 1 gram.

    The repairability score of the Apple Pencil is virtually nonexistent; 1 out 10 because iFixit believes the device is made to be disposable and not to be fixed. The only thing you can actually replace without the likelihood of breaking something is the tip, which Apple includes a replacement for.

    Source: iFixit
    2015-11-19 05:50 PM
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    does it bend? ha
    2015-11-21 06:16 AM
  3. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
    does it bend? ha

    Apple Pencil Torture Test
    2015-11-24 06:51 PM
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    The cap on the Apple Pencil that protects the Lightning connector has a magnet inside... can you dissect the cap to show what sort of magnet this, how large it is, and how it's oriented?
    2015-11-27 03:14 PM