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    Those on the Sprint network and looking to give a nice gift to their loved ones this holiday season, should be happy to know that they are offering customers different alternatives for the recently released iPad Pro. Alternatives include installment plans, contracts, and contract-less plans for the new 12.9-inch tablet. Customers can pick the option that best suits them or their loved one(s) right from the company’s website.

    Currently, Sprint is only offering the 128GB LTE model of the iPad Pro and there are three separate plans that customers can be on Customers can pay $1079.99 all up front which has no contract, pay $979.99 up front while on a 2-year contract, or be on the 24-month Easy Pay plan which requires a $200 down payment and pay $36.67 every month after for 2 years.

    As for data plans, it can range anywhere from $10 for 100MB a month to as much as $110 for 30GB a month. There are also other options in between, just be sure to check them out with Sprint. The iPad Pro is available in all three colors: Space Gray, Silver, and Gold at Sprint. We’re not sure if the mobile company plans on carrying the 32GB with Wi-Fi model or the 128GB with Wi-Fi along with the one they are offering currently. Be sure to check Sprint out this holiday season if you are at all interested.

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    2015-11-25 07:00 AM