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    This Thanksgiving was definitely off to a good start for Apple, as it was reported that iOS devices dominated the charts for online purchases. Now, Forbes reported that a specific iOS device was in high demand this past weekend, which is probably even better news for Apple. According to the report, the Apple Watch and iPad generated extremely impressive sales at Target during Thanksgiving.

    Sales for the company’s first wearable device proved that it definitely wasn’t a flop on Apple’s end, but what’s more impressive was that iPads were flying off the shelves at one per second throughout the day. We’re not sure if we should be taking this news literally, but if that’s the case, it definitely is great news for Apple. Forbes also noted that the Beats Solo 2 headphones was a top seller on, which retails normally for $199.99 but was only $96.99 on Thanksgiving.

    Apple iPad sales were reportedly declining for many quarters consecutively now, but if the iOS tablet was really selling like wildfire, revenue may finally pick up for the iPad. Exact numbers have yet to be released, so we will have to see after the holiday season on how the iPad did this year.

    Source: Forbes

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    2015-12-01 04:33 AM