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    Well-known iOS hacker and developer Steven Troughton-Smith has shown off a really cool window manager proof of concept for the iPad late Wednesday night via his Twitter account.

    The concept takes applications from the iOS device itself and makes them into independent windows on the device, which a lot like on Mac OS X, can be re-sized, maximized, minimized, or closed. The developer has experimented with plain navigation bars that only have the maximize/minimize buttons, and with more robust navigation bars that have both the maximize/minimize buttons and iOS navigation buttons.

    Grabbers are available on three sides of each window that look a lot like the grabbers you'd expect to see on the Lock Screen for Notification Center or Control Center, and these are used to increase the height or width of each window.

    Troughton-Smith demonstrates his concept in a video in the Tweet available at this link.

    This is something that might be useful on the much larger iPad Pro platform, but as jailbreaking has shown in the past, windowed experiences on iOS devices aren't always the best way to go because of the smaller screen real estate and touch controls.

    Source: Steven Troughton-Smith
    2015-12-24 04:49 PM