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    Hi, I am in 11th grade, just finished Computer Science I AP, and so I guess I know a bit about java. I really want to take a summer project and design some sort of program for the iphone. Is the language in the SDK similar to java? Also, I am a bit confused. I just went to the apple website and got the free sdk, but the iphone emulator costs 99 dollars. I see some other posts on the stickys, but what exactly do these programs do?
    2008-06-05 01:59 AM
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    they allow you to build and test apps for the upcoming iphone firmware 2.0
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    2008-06-05 02:04 AM
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    The posts in the stickies are about using the toolchain to develop applications for the jailbroken iPhone v1.1.4 and below.

    The Apple SDK is for building iPhone applications for the iPhone simulator and iPhone firmware 2.0.

    To run (official) programs on an iPhone with firmware v2.0 you need to apply to the development program, be accepted by Apple, pay $99, and be assigned a certificate and granted access to install firmware 2.0 on your iPhone (which is not too stable).

    To sell applications on the App Store, you must have your certificate and submit your app to Apple to be approved. The details of this process are not yet (publicly) known.

    Hopefully the toolchain will be ported to 2.0 once firmware 2.0 is released to allow continued (true) freeware / third-party development.
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    2008-06-06 12:21 AM