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    Hello there,

    I hope someone can help me with the problems I've got making the toolchain work on intel with 10.5 leopard. First I've tried to get the binary toolchain to run which can be downloaded here. But like I saw, it might just be working on tiger not on leopard.

    So on, I've tried building my own toolchain, so I get the things described in the project-wiki here. Starting compiling the llvm I got following error, and don't know what to do next
    llvm[1]: Compiling Alarm.cpp for Release build
    Unix/Alarm.inc: In function 'void llvm::sys::SetupAlarm(unsigned int)':
    Unix/Alarm.inc:43: error: 'abort' was not declared in this scope
    Unix/Alarm.inc: In function 'void llvm::sys::TerminateAlarm()':
    Unix/Alarm.inc:53: error: 'abort' was not declared in this scope
    make[1]: *** [/Users/galdo/Desktop/iphone/toolchain/llvm-svn/lib/System/Release/Alarm.o] Error 1
    make: *** [all] Error 1
    So would be nice if
    a) someone of you got an idea, what I can do to get my toolchain build
    b) would mail me a working toolchain for intelmac on leopard

    So thanks a lot for your help

    2007-12-29 10:15 PM