1. renegadeandy's Avatar
    Just wondering if there have been any movement in the development of Java applications for the iphone.

    This is my main language and dont feel like translating my capabilities to another language.

    Also are there any plans on being able to support Java or a JVM on the IPhone - lack of support is annoying to say the least.
    2007-12-31 04:46 PM
  2. renegadeandy's Avatar

    Is there any way to launch a jar or anything no iphone yet!?!
    2008-01-03 05:47 PM
  3. bdk184's Avatar
    i've been working on some java dev but so far nothing. i think that the one flaw is that i would have to edit a lot of strings and build more .plst's that will make the java run. but i have no more plans to work on it because i'm stuck between a wall and a hard place. so no more dev for me at least on this.
    2008-01-03 06:53 PM
  4. taxbax's Avatar
    isnt jiggy a form of java?
    2008-01-03 07:58 PM
  5. renegadeandy's Avatar
    afraid not, thats javascript mate.
    2008-01-04 01:55 AM
  6. JLA's Avatar
    I've never had to edit any plists or anything...have you tried Jay Freeman's (Saurik) repository? The JVM is JamVM...it and a HelloWorld are available for download on the aforementioned repo.
    2008-01-04 08:35 AM
  7. renegadeandy's Avatar
    where is the reposuitary - this sounds promising.
    2008-01-04 02:13 PM
  8. vinodis's Avatar
    I have more information on this :-

    Core Java on iPhone
    Please also read the comments section of the post where Jay comments.

    Now you can have native applications (with GUI) written in Java for iPhone.
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    2008-01-04 02:16 PM
  9. JLA's Avatar
    of course, it still requires you to learn UIkit stuff. Ive been working on an extra layer that wraps uikit in an Awt/swing like api. if anyone wants to help, I can sourceforge it.
    2008-01-04 02:28 PM
  10. renegadeandy's Avatar
    omg JLA, is this out and ready - i would love to help out.
    2008-01-04 02:38 PM
  11. JLA's Avatar
    No, it is in fetal form...I quit working on it because I couldn't get jars to run, and got distracted with Garf and Funiculus, but I can now work on it again...I call it Jiph (Java for iPhone). I plan on having methods like addTouchListener(), removeTouchListener(), etc...

    Of course, if we were ambitious enough, we could implement AWT...
    2008-01-04 04:12 PM
  12. renegadeandy's Avatar
    sounds awesome, whats your msn, pm me it
    2008-01-04 05:05 PM
  13. JLA's Avatar
    What's msn? Is that an instant message thing? Never really got into that...
    Anyway, anyone who wants to start up another Java wrapper (to wrap the Jay Freeman's UIKit wrapper called "JocStrap", which hugs UIKit pretty tightly), let me know. The project is still in its fetal stage and has not been branded by anyone or anything.

    P.S. I've submitted a sourceforge project proposal...usually takes a day or two to get approved. I'm certainly not planning on controlling the direction of this project (med school just started back up...time very scarce), so it can go anywhere...there won't be a single dominant developer or anything. If you want to join, PM me...
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    2008-01-04 07:06 PM
  14. renegadeandy's Avatar
    Well how can i get in touch with you easily.

    I am interested in creating this.

    e-mail [email protected] with details please.

    I also need a small guide on how the heck I can run Hello World using the iphone - i cannot even seem to get anything running, or even work out where to begin. I have downloaded all the jamjvm and gnu classpath etc

    Get in touch.
    2008-01-04 07:13 PM
  15. JLA's Avatar
    Wow...the Jiph project up on Sourceforge...pretty quick. Again, anyone who wants in can PM me.
    2008-01-05 12:59 AM