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    Sobhan Allah

    You was asking about a way on how waking the iPhone from Sleep Mode.. and you was expect us to share you what we know..and help..

    So it seem normal if you find how to come and post here, so you can help anyone who was search like you..

    But even after I ask.. you do not share.. it is strange you expect DevTeam to make a toolchain, and Sean to gives you 31 opensource app.. and lot of people opensource there project to share... and you take all that and do not want share tiny information.. isn't ironic??
    You're very bitter brother. To be honest I didn't come back to the forum after the problem got sorted. Actually, I did come back a few times but the server was down. I'm sure others from the forum can confirm that their server was down for a day or two and after that I just happened to come this way today and found your post It would be my pleasure to help!

    For some reason I haven't been receiving topic alerts either and in the past I had been re-visiting this thread frequently to find replies.

    Why wouldn't I want to share my findings. It was in fact quite obvious once I gave it a bit of thought. I had forgotten the fact that much of iPhone is based on OS X 10.4 and so stuff that works on 10.4 should work on an iPhone theoretically. From there I started looking at the possibility of using the IOKIt. That's where the answer lies. However this really isn't what I wanted to do originally, and that was to wake the phone up (which still is undiscovered - and the proposed 'solution' doesn't quite achieve that). The IOKit method only prevents the phone from sleeping and due to this it consumes extra battery life.

    All you need is in this page here:


    and here:


    You essentially require:


    However like I said, this only prevents the phone from dozing off and so is not an ideal solution. I personally believe sparking the phone off from sleep, too, can probably be done via the IOKit but for that to work. This however won't work the moment Apple releases the SDK as you need to be root to be able to do this - and according to what I've read, root access is impossible with the SDK.
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    2008-01-24 11:25 AM
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    I believe the best way is to study how MobileTimer does for the alarm.

    Anyone has any idea?
    2008-01-27 01:57 PM
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    I believe the best way is to study how MobileTimer does for the alarm.

    Anyone has any idea?
    I figured it out from studying MobileMail (it has the ability to wake up every 15 mins to check mail).

    I posted my code snippet over on the other dev forum:
    2008-02-21 04:33 AM
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