1. xande123's Avatar
    It's a MobileMe alternative, better than Funambol.

    Go to www.nuevasync.com and sign up, after follow the instructions below:

    * Before setting up your device, first configure your services on the NuevaSync site.
    * From the main menu screen open "Settings".
    * Select "Mail, Contacts, Calendar".
    * Select "Add Account".
    * Choose "Microsoft Exchange"
    * Under "Email", enter the e-mail address you used for NuevaSync registration.
    * When you enter your e-mail address to sync, your device may warn you about a certificate being invalid. This is particularly likely if you use a GMail address. It isn't referring to our certificate or our service, so don't be concerned. It is part of Apple's auto-configuration feature as it tries to guess the appropriate server name based on your info. Our SSL certificate is valid and secure.
    * Under "Username" enter your NuevaSync username.
    * Under "Password" enter your NuevaSync password.
    * Under "Description" you can leave the default or enter a description of your choosing.
    * Tap "Next".
    * Your Apple device will display a message "Verifying Exchange account information" for a few moments.
    * When it has finished, it will display a new field, "Server". Enter "www.nuevasync.com" as the value.
    * Tap "Next".
    * On the next page, turn off "Mail". Also turn off any other category you do not wish to sync. For example, if you want to sync only your calendar, make sure "Mail" and "Contacts" are both turned off. If you want to sync contacts and calendar, all you should turn off is mail.
    * Tap "Save".

    Now I'm syncing with iCal, gCalendar and iPhone, also address book over-the-air with nuevasync for free
    2008-07-25 05:12 PM
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    This is great! you can also sync with plaxo!!!

    Coming soon

    * Support for email via a gateway to IMAP.
    * A backup and restore service for calendar, contacts and tasks.
    2008-07-25 08:20 PM