1. kaician's Avatar
    Ok, this is one thing that i haven't seen in all my time using the touch/iphone. i would like to have an app that would turn off/lock the ipod screen just the same as if you pressed the button at the top.
    the reason is that i feel it would be much easier to press an app on the home screen than to change the orientation which i am holding the iphone and press the button.

    can anyone make this type of app, or tell me the code which would perform that function (not full power off, just screen lock)
    2008-07-30 02:58 AM
  2. redcard's Avatar
    Don't worry, I heard the next iphone is going to have a lock button on each side, and also one on the back, so you need never be bothered with this again.

    Also, for your info, the power button also works when the phone is on it's side. Amazing!
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    2008-07-30 03:18 AM
  3. seann33uk's Avatar
    what?? you mean you dont have to re tilt your iphone/pod back to its vertical angle for the power button to work?!?!?!

    Next you'll be telling me the volume buttons can be used whilst the phone is locked. :P
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    2008-07-30 06:46 AM
  4. kaician's Avatar
    a program named iHome is now out and does what i was looking for. it is available on cydia.
    2009-02-28 08:16 AM