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    Okay, here is an attempt to list the different websites for iPhone development tutorials, FAQs, documentation, etc.

    If you know of any not mentioned, or you personally have one dedicated to development tutorials, reference, etc, please post and I will re-edit this to include it.

    * http://modmyi.com - Developer's forum (you are here)
    * http://ericasadun.com/iPhoneDocs113/ - Erica Sadun's framework documentation (ObjC headers only)
    * http://lucasnewman.com/phonedev.pdf - Lucas Newman's tutorial
    * http://www.cocoadev.com/index.pl?IPhoneRuntime - a wiki-type framework documentation
    * http://www.iphonedevdocs.com/ - a site with documentation/tutorials/forum
    * http://mauvilasoftware.com/iphone_software_development/ - some random iphone programming tutorial articles
    * http://developer.apple.com/reference/Cocoa/index.html - the Apple Cocoa Reference documentation often supplies helpful information

    * http://code.google.com/p/iappaday/source/browse - the iApp-A-Day project posted the source code for every application which can be a useful reference

    * http://safari.oreilly.com/9780596518554 - O'Reilly book on iPhone programming

    * http://ericasadun.com/mailman/listin...ericasadun.com - Erica Sadun's iPhone Developer email list
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    2008-02-01 10:33 AM
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    Good info.

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    2008-02-02 01:17 AM
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    The iApp-A-Day project posted the source code for every application which can be a useful reference:

    The Apple Cocoa Reference documentation often supplies helpful information:
    Starlight Computer Wizardry
    Pocket-sized Development
    Follow me on twitter: @NetMage
    2008-02-04 11:02 PM
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    Also regarding Tutorials and reference links, i would like to ask if anyone could access The iPhone Dev Wiki @ http://iphone.fiveforty.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

    I havent been able to access it for quite sometime so just want to know if its my isp problem or the site has closed

    2008-02-12 12:25 PM
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    I assume the site is gone for good.
    2008-02-12 06:02 PM
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    I assume the site is gone for good.
    Oh well... Thanks anyway!
    2008-02-13 01:58 PM
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    O'Reilly's "iPhone Open Application Development" book (currently available in rough draft PDF format for $20): http://safari.oreilly.com/9780596518554
    2008-02-21 01:19 AM
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    Howdy All,

    I have just released part one of an Advanced RSS Reader using the TouchXML library. Can you add it to the list?

    It is available at iPhone SDK Tutorial: Building an Advanced RSS reader using TouchXML (Part 1) | dBlog.com.au

    2008-09-15 12:47 PM
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    Another good one is a bunch of video tutorials a friend of mine is putting together.

    Straight forward, easy to understand, lots of explination, and starting right from the very basics.

    Christo’s iPhone Dev Page
    2008-10-07 10:03 PM
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    You can download Stanford University's Complete iPhone Development Lectures (PDF format) here Stanford iPhone Development Course - Complete Lectures (PDF) - CultofiPhone.org
    2008-11-13 06:22 AM
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    Just started my multi-part tutorial series on Developing an iPhone app using SQLite & TouchXML and getting it published on the App Store. This will be a very in-depth series that will show you everything from setting up your workspace through to codeing and submitting your app.

    Parts 1 & 2 are available here
    RSS Reader (Part 2): Creating a new iPhone Xcode project and setting up your environment | dBlog.com.au
    RSS Reader (Part 1): Getting started with iPhone Development | dBlog.com.au

    Some of my older tutorials are also available at
    iPhone SDK Tutorial: Reading data from a SQLite Database | dBlog.com.au
    iPhone SDK Tutorial: Build your very own Web Browser! | dBlog.com.au

    2009-03-14 03:07 PM
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    Hi im using windows is there anyway I can start developing?
    2009-03-15 05:42 PM
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    I have 3.0 firmware on my phone and i installed it properly. I am not a developer, but my best friend is and he place me on his device list to install 3.0 firmware. All of a sudden, this firmware stopped working properly, I no longer have the 3g symbol, nor can i access in data apps on the iphone unless im on a wifi network. The genius bar doesn't support the fimware because it hasn't been publicly released yet. Can you help me? Any ideas?

    Thanks, Your help will be much appreciated,
    2009-06-07 05:21 PM
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    Thanks for so much support.

    For the beginners to understand iPhone Sdk try out following book from Apress.

    "Beginning iPhone Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK"
    2009-08-06 08:36 AM
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    Thanks for the posting and you have given brief summary about iphone...
    Its very nice and interesting to read....
    2010-01-21 12:54 PM
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    I personally started learning iphone development and found books like Beginning iOS 4 Application Development by Wei-Meng Lee very easy to read.

    Also a fan of video tutorials. You can get a bunch of them here:-
    iPhone Development Tutorial
    2011-02-15 01:48 AM
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