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    I keep having problems getting my app (official SDK, signed iPhone developer, certificates OK) on the iPhone, the Xcode status bar says "Failed to upload asdf.app".
    Is this even possible? Being an official developer and developing Apps for the AppStore and running and testing them on a jailbroken iPhone.


    PS: I am missing the entry "Code Signing Provisioning Profile" in the Xcode building Profile, maybe this is related.

    Definitive answer: yes, jailbroken iPhone is no problem.

    I re-installed Xcode and the iPhone SDK (Build 9M2199a) and now everythings works as expected.
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    2008-08-17 02:35 PM
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    Hopefully I understood you right because i'm about to go through the same exercise. I have un unlocked jailbroken iphone 1stgen on tmobile.

    from what I can read once your in the dev portal and adding your device for development you are forced to download a special dev version of the OS to get your dev apps signed and over to the phone.

    So do I run that dev version of the OS through the pwnage process in order to use the development version unlocked with jail break?

    thanks for the help in advance.
    2008-11-25 09:46 PM
  3. _less_than_zero's Avatar
    im having problems with unsigned
    2008-11-26 03:49 AM
  4. TicTacCode's Avatar
    in order to get your apps on the phone you have to pay the 99.00 dev fee and go through the certificate signing process.
    2008-12-01 02:06 PM
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    Hi TicTacCode,
    did you follow the steps you wrote in your previous post (download OS, pwn, install on iPhone)?
    Did it work well?

    2008-12-01 10:31 PM
  6. TicTacCode's Avatar
    Yes. It worked! You don't have to reinstall the iphone OS. You can use the pwnd version. The big challenge is to make sure you have your signing cert/key correctly installed with keymanger, your provisioning license correctly installed in xcode, and your bundle identifier set properly in your project's info.plist file, the bundle identifier should be set to what ever you specified in your provisioning license on the developer website. I recommend using the wild card .* option. For example com.yourcompany.YourApp.* In other words, follow the directions very carefully and you should be all set to install your applications on your phone.
    2008-12-08 01:07 PM