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    I was wondering how to submit your own repo to the modmyi repo. I am almost finished setting up my cydia repo (I feel it to be something unique, since it is fully automated, but I'm not sure if others are too) and wanted to get it out there, and attract people to post their apps to mine. If someone can tell me how to do this, thanks.
    2008-08-24 06:48 AM
  2. Cody Overcash's Avatar
    2008-08-24 10:19 AM
  3. rahilm's Avatar
    OK, Thanks.
    2008-08-24 08:40 PM
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    nice sticky, was waiting for something like this.

    just confirming, all existing blackra1n users will have to DFU restore and then they can jailbreak again?

    I second wanting to know this.

    I currently have a 3GS 16g iphone with 3.1.2 on it. I have my stuff backed up at Sauriks but it says it saved me at 3.1.3 (Guess i didn't tell it too soon enough...oh well.)

    I currently have Blackrain working just fine, have since I got the iPhone. Did I read correctly, that I need to restore (now UP to 3.1.3) and THEN run this new Spirit jailbreak because I've been jailbroken using Blackrain? Why would I need to throw it into DFU mode to do that since I can just do that in iTunes?

    I want to make good and sure that I won't run into any grief to get to this untethered jailbreak. If someone could tell me exactly what to do I would very much appreciate it!

    Nice work to the dev team and to this site for helping out allof us...this new one looks great. This link may be helpful: Auction Real Estate


    I just have a question. Why is it that everytime I visit the download the file on the link for Windows, my Avira Antivirus pops-up and says there's a virus.

    Kindly help me..
    'Cause my brother is blaming me right now for getting a virus..

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    2010-11-25 02:54 PM

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