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    Hi all,

    First let me tell you that i do not have an iPhone and that i am using a MacBook Pro.

    Ok, i am trying to make a DnD Dice Roller.

    I've managed to create the class with Xcode. The most important method is a roll that receives the dice to roll and the number of rolls the user wants to do.

    Example for rolling 5d6 (roll a 6 face dice 5 times), 2d20 (roll a 20 face dice 2 times) and so on, It should output the total score and a list of the result on each separate roll, for the example above it would output the result of 5d6 and then the separate result of each roll.

    I have this part sorted out i think.

    I would like to request help in building the interface for the iPhone.

    I can upload the class files if someone more experienced would like to help. Which i would like.

    Thanks in advance.
    2008-03-01 03:05 PM