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    Hi Modmyi family.

    I need someone to build me an iphone app as I need to present it soon for work and I dont think I can learn in time. Its just a basic view pics and text app with a little twist to make it visually appealing. I can discuss it free here as it prob wont make any money if someone wanted to rip my idea. I can pay a small fee if you have the time. Please only get back to me if you can programme on the sdk and have time. Thanks guy's.

    ps ill be back in the morning to check replies

    so far 53 views and no replies lol. I thought someone would be grateful for some easy money!
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    Send me a PM with some more info on exactly what it is you want made.
    "Cura Et Celeritas"
    2009-04-11 12:49 AM
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    Building an app like that sounds quite simple and most likely will not require any extra code then apple default code when you create a new project.

    I attached a simple application that did not require any code. besides the default in the "utility app" new project selection.

    It's called iEye. what it does. it has a simple (but ugly) the the launch image is and eye with a rainbow behind it (he photoshop was being pissy). then when launched it displays a picture of you guessed it! an Eye!. the on the "info" icon it displays something very stupid (something about child rapist and mountain bikes). that it.

    Note: Enjoy. i don't charge.

    You have legal permission to use this app
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    Hey Jarcon,

    Thank you so much. Im looking at this now and will write back soon. You have been thanked.
    2009-04-13 01:24 PM
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    Hi Jarcon, I put the app on my iphone using disk aid and checked properties with icommander and they are set to 0755 but the app just crashes a fter load screen. Any help. Thanks
    2009-04-14 02:22 PM