1. andrunious's Avatar
    so i just updated to 3.0 beta 4, first time using 3.0, and everything is working great except for MMS. I get error msg when I try to send a pic.
    2009-05-03 06:22 PM
  2. Andy51081's Avatar
    1 - You must have MMS provisioned on your account, or fool them into thinking you are using a different phone

    2 - You must have an updated .ipcc file containing updated carrier settings for your network

    All this can be found by using the search button
    2009-05-03 06:52 PM
  3. andrunious's Avatar
    okay, i'll try those methods, i just assumed bc it says MMS on in options that I didn't have to update any files like that or still call att and make them think i have a mms phone like before 3.0
    2009-05-03 07:06 PM
  4. Andy51081's Avatar
    Yeah although the setting is already there you will still have to phone AT&T, which is proving extremely difficult i hear as they are under orders from Apple not to provision it until official release.

    Have a look through this thread for advice and answers

    2009-05-03 07:23 PM