1. paul.rhein's Avatar
    Anyone who wants to be added to my Apple Dev account. So they can upgrade their iPhone 3g to 3.0 OS just give me their info:

    I will need the name you gave your iphone and the UDID(40 HEX ID)

    Note: If you don't know your UDID it is easy to find. Connect your Iphone to Itunes and click the device name on the left of the screen. When the summary comes up just click the serial number (with your mouse)in the upper middle of the screen. eventually you will scroll to the UDID.

    Email me with the Iphone name and the UDID Number. I will send you a reply once it has been added to the account. The first 48 will be free. Or until I get tired of it. Don't wait too long.

    Paul ( [email protected] )
    2009-05-16 01:49 AM
  2. brooksiscool's Avatar
    It's ok to be wrong. We still love you.
    2009-05-16 07:57 AM