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    Okay so I have two quick questions for anyone who has submitted an app and been accepted/rejected, or anyone who knows the policies. Any help is greatly appreciated!

    1) I've noticed there are no "tetris" games in the App Store besides the original made by Electronic Arts; I would assume this is because EA owns the copyright for tetris games and the others have been rejected, correct? (There has to be more than one person who has wanted to make a tetris game....) So if I made a game that incorporated all the features of tetris, without any brand names or "tetris-related" information, would there be any trouble with my app getting accepted? Could I get sued or something?

    and #2...

    I've been wanting to make a free app that consisted of a few popular card games, 5 or 10, and am not sure if I should incorporate the game "butthole" into it as well. I'm not sure if that is the correct name of the game, but it is the name that everyone in my high school knows it by, and I can't find any documentation on the internet saying it has a different name. Would my hypothetical card game app get rejected because of the word "butthole"? Is that considered a bad word in Apple's terms of agreement with App Store apps?

    once again, I thank anyone who is able to answer either of these questions
    i LOVE apple.
    2009-05-17 03:54 AM
  2. Capt.D's Avatar
    May have to call it B-Hole
    2009-05-17 01:27 PM
  3. boxxa's Avatar
    1) You are correct. A game "Tetris" is owned by EA and will be denied since you are copying them. You can make a similar game but you need to research more of the copyright laws of producting a similar game before you consider doing it for the iPhone. There is a game called Lux Touch on the iPhone/iPod that is a clone of Risk so there is ways to get it out there.

    2) Chances are, yes. Things like this you are at the mercy of who is reviewing your app.
    2009-05-25 07:37 PM

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