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    NOTE: iPhone SDK will only run on Intel-based Macs running Mac OS X v10.5.6 and
    • Install iTunes 8.2 pre-release. You must download and install iTunes 8.2 prerelease
    in order to install and activate iPhone OS 3.0 beta 5 on your iPhone or
    iPod touch. iTunes 8.2 pre-release seed is being provided solely for the
    purpose of installing iPhone OS 3.0 beta 5 on your Apple devices. The use of
    this pre-release software is governed by the same non-disclosure agreement
    covered in your Registered iPhone Developer Terms and Conditions with
    Apple. iTunes 8.2 pre-release software is for development and testing purposes
    only and therefore should not be used with any existing iTunes libraries on your
    Warning: Pre–release software is Apple confidential information. Your
    unauthorized distribution of pre–release software or disclosure of information
    relating to pre–release software (including the posting of screen shots) may
    subject you to both civil and criminal liability and result in immediate termination
    of your iPhone Developer Program Membership
    • Updating devices to iPhone OS 3.0 beta software. This beta version of
    iPhone OS 3.0 should only be deployed on devices dedicated for
    iPhone OS 3.0 beta software development. By installing iPhone OS 3.0 beta
    software on your Authorized Test Devices, these Devices are permanently
    “locked” into testing mode and cannot be restored to an earlier release of
    iPhone OS. Bear this in mind before installing the beta software. Devices will
    be able to continue to upgrade forward to future beta releases and the GM
    version of iPhone OS 3.0.
    • Apple Push Notification service and In App Purchasing: You can begin
    developing with these APIs immediately. The Apple Push Notification service
    guide provides detailed technical information on how to make the most of push
    services for your app. You'll also find detailed technical information on
    developing for In App Purchasing with the Store Kit reference guide.
    Team Agents can now log in to the iPhone Developer Program Portal and
    proceed to the App ID section to create the components necessary to enable
    and test applications using the Apple Push Notification service.
    • App Store. Applications developed using iPhone OS 3.0 beta software can not
    be submitted to the App Store.
    • Activate Cellular Service with Carrier. Development on iPhone requires
    activation with your carrier network. Please activate your device prior to
    installing iPhone OS 3.0 beta software. If your device has not been activated,
    you may not be able to do so after you have installed iPhone OS 3.0 beta
    software. If you do not have a carrier network in your region or do not require
    access to iPhone features (camera, GPS, phone), iPod touch can be used
    for development and testing.
    • Check Your Data Plan. If your are using a SIM card from another cellular
    account, we recommend you call your Carrier to verify the account has an
    unlimited data plan to prevent unanticipated charges.
    2009-05-21 11:20 PM
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    Just a note, I (so far) am successfully using the 3.0 Beta 5 SDK on 10.5.5, as your post states 10.5.6 or higher is required.
    2009-05-27 11:12 PM
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