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    If any of you programmers want to adopt my Installer repo editor (Java), let me know. As it currently is set up, it imports XML files and displays a list of packages. You can add new packages or edit current ones. In the package editor, you can show it a local copy of the file, and it can automatically acquire the MD5 hash and the size. It will automatically change the date if you tell it to. It cannot handle the complex scripts (like "If"). The XML export is rather unelegant at the moment. It hasn't really had the bugs worked out of it either.

    If no one wants to specifically take it over, I'll put it on SourceForge.
    2008-03-12 05:30 AM
  2. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    I will adopt it. I will give it a nice home, and its own room. Do I need to fill out any paperwork?

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    2008-03-12 06:28 AM
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    No, but it will need someone to continue it and fix it...I guess this would be food.
    If you want to run it currently (via Java Web Start), visit this link:

    2008-03-12 07:22 AM
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    Ah nice. Well, I'm still a duckling in infancy coding stages, but I def know some folks I could have help me get this working awesome - basic functionality is great, based on my initial test.

    Let me know if you're interested, this is a useful tool to continue work on.

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    2008-03-12 07:29 AM
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    Yeah, I never really tested it or anything, so be warned. The one time I did try to do it, by putting up something I did from scratch, it downloaded it but then had a script execution error. Not sure if this is a permissions thing.

    I'll probably put it up on SourceForge. If any interested Java people want to join the project, let me know and I'll add you. (If anyone wants to lead the project, also let me know...I'm bailing on it.)

    It should be fairly easy for someone to implement the following:
    * Checking inside ZIP (where applicable) for the Info.plist, and parsing pertinent info from that.
    * A script tool
    * A non-user-hostile GUI

    It's up on SF:
    Developers needed.
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    2008-03-13 06:40 AM