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    I have an App I am developing using Push Notificaations and it works fine as a developer (Got all the proper Certs) I built a backend connection process to apples APNS and have been able to send push notifications to my app with no problem. I have build 4 such apps and they all work and receive push notifications. I now wanted to build an AdHoc distribution so I created a distribution profile for one of the apps on (Apple Devl portal) and added 5 Iphones to the list (mine Included). I downloaded and installed the new Distribution Profile cert.

    I then as instructed by the Apple Documentation, Updated my App build Settings using GetInfo on the TARGET. I created the Entitlements.plist and set the Identity bundle to my new Distribution Cert. I also set the Any os iphone to the same distribution cert. It is not very clear which way this should be set. So I have tried it with my Developer Cert as Code Signing Identity and then Distribution cert as Any Iphone OS Device and tried it visa-versa.

    In any case,I can install my app on other phones with no problem thru Itunes and the app runs fine., but the Push Token my app reports is now different on my Iphone under the AdHoc distribution then it was when I just installed via Xcode. and my Push messages are not being received by the phone. My other Push test apps still work fine, I just seems that something broke when using AdHoc. Is there a special step I needed to do when using AdHoc on an app that uses Push Notifications. I do not get any error, just the Push token is different and I do not believe it should be.

    Any help is very much appreciated.

    Bill B
    2009-06-29 11:17 PM
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    Hi Bill,

    Did you over come this problem?. I have exactly same problem, please let me know if you have found a solution.

    2009-09-15 11:30 AM