View Poll Results: Does your 3GS work with the Component AV Cable?

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  1. punkassjim's Avatar
    Can't believe there isn't a forum for model-specific discussion. Anyway…

    Does anyone here use the Apple Component AV Cable?
    If so, do you have a 3GS?
    If so, does it work?

    I've got the cable, and it works just fine with my EDGE iPhone, but the 3GS only outputs scrambled video. The cable checks out ok, as does the TV, the video content and the dock. Actually, the 3GS checks out, too, since I just got a replacement at the Apple Store, and the replacement exhibits the same problem.

    So. Anyone else having this issue here? I'd like to know. Also, please add a "me too" on the Apple discussion forum if you do: Apple - Support - Discussions - Component video out not working on ...
    2009-07-01 10:27 PM
  2. wePhone's Avatar
    Same. I hope it's a firmware issue that can be fixed.
    2009-07-02 05:35 PM