1. awaisagha's Avatar
    i previously had contacts in nokia e50 n then i bought iphone 3G but problem now is how i transfer my contacts from e50 to iphone...cuz there r some contacts in e50 written in arabic form.....i want them to be same on iphone...
    as i see there is one way,to save my e50 contacts in some CSV form n load them in outlook (i use outlook regularly) n then load them in iphone but problem is....when i make a backup of contacts from e50 via pc suite...it makes only one file...n that is for sure not CSV...it is pc suite compatible file...
    i need help...
    2009-07-04 03:42 PM
  2. rilocr's Avatar

    What I did was to send all my contacts from my old phone to my Mac Mini via bluetooth, the files were transfered as vCards, I think the file extension is .vcf (don't remember), once all my contacts were on my mac, I imported them on the program Address Book, that comes with MacOS. Once there, I had all the info for every contact, including email, birthday, etc. And then I just opened iTunes and check the Sync Address Book contacts checkbox, and all my contacts were transfered to my iPhone with the same info as in my old phone.

    Try that on a Mac, I don't know if it would work with the contacts in arabic form, but you could try.

    Hope it works
    2009-07-05 10:24 PM