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    I was trying to register my company for the Apple iPhone developer program. I had mistyped my entry name on my apple ID associated with the new dev. account. I want to change it. But every time I try to "communicate" with the people over at the wwd support they say I have to make a brand new account, first I was iffy, than I said o.k. They reset the account and told me to change the name. But that was only to the extent of the portion of the signup page that they left me to fill, wich had nothing to do with changing the name. From all the reps that I talked to, one tells me that I have to contact a certain team affiliated with this, which he couldn't give contact for some offset reason

    In general, I want to change the Apple id associated with the dev. signup.
    An they say if I contact that team, that mistyped info "has" to be part of my name in order to change a portion of it.

    ridiculous If anyone has any pointers, please help.

    2009-07-20 08:39 PM