1. Evostance's Avatar
    Im not sure if I've missed something here, however. I downloaded the SDK from Apple and just as a test I downloaded the source code from this tutorial.

    UIWebView Tutorial - iPhone SDK Articles

    Something simple, opening google.

    Now when I take the .app file from the build folder and put it on my ipod via WinSCP, the app constantly crashes, however it works fine in the simulator.

    Have I missed something? or do i need to pay the money to become a dev to allow these to run on my ipod. If so, is there a way around this since I could do with testing them on my iPod

    2009-07-21 11:16 PM
  2. rilocr's Avatar
    If I am not wrong, the "owner" of the files when you copy an app manually is different than the "owner" when you run the app from XCode, and you use a device. Probably that "owner" has different permissions than the other one.

    Can you verify that?
    2009-07-22 10:57 PM