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    hey guys new user here theman9126, and I need some help developing a new theme I'm putting together. I call it "Vista Ultimatum". The theme is almost complete, but I just need a working sidebar, and I don't know how to make one, or grab one from another theme (like, say Vista Maximus Perfection or Vista Live/Vista Bliss) if someone could create it for me or tell me how to grab it from another vista theme, or let me use a sidebar they have, or ANYTHING, I need a sidebar. there is a download link to download my theme, i needed to put a rar inside a zip to fit the limitations, (it kind of is made up of parts from other themes, but I'm in like the VERY VERY VERY beginning, and I'm hoping to make it into something awesome and unique). feel free to use it as your own, and add into it a sidebar. my email address is "[email protected]" if anyone wants to email me a sidebar bundle, or my theme modified with a sidebar, but ONLY with a sidebar, no spam emails please. THANK YOU!!!!!
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    2009-07-22 04:20 AM

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