1. medic56's Avatar
    Does Anyone know ????

    I tried to get a response to this question over a month ago and have not had an answer yet. Please help ! I have the 3GS and i was wondering if I can Jailbreak the phone now and still be able to get the MMS and other features later or will I be screwed !!!!! If I can which Jailbreak do I want to use? Thanks in advance !!!!!
    2009-07-30 09:44 PM
  2. REAPERDAGREAT13's Avatar
    Yeah u should be able to get mms and all features later
    u might have to jailbreak each time a new firmware update comes out

    I have a 3gs and used redsn0w to jailbreak it
    and have had no problems

    others have used purplera1n
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    2009-07-30 10:06 PM