1. The Maestro's Avatar
    Hi I'm 18 and a new college student I have a few macs running the latest software and would like to get into developing a game for iPhone I thought up I have a few questions

    1. should I learn only objective c or is there more I should learn like c+?
    2. what is a good place to start learning these coding methods?
    3. what is the best program to create 3D models that are not to intense for iPhone?
    4. do I have to buy the sdk and dev package or is there a trial thing were I can test before I start writing my code?
    5. is there anything you would like me to know ecspecially pertaining to developing a game?

    Thanks a lot really need this info, I'll give u a promo code down the line when it's finished months from now I promise

    thanks a mil.
    IPhone 3GS Black 16GB 3.0
    Mac Mini Intel OSX 10.5.7

    Help!!! My right speaker isn't working!
    2009-07-31 08:36 PM
  2. Iphone_Reloaded's Avatar
    im on the same boat. I really want to create an app but dont really know where to start.
    2009-08-03 10:05 PM