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    **PARTLY RESOLVED** image name: UINavigationBarDefaultButtonPressed

    In the attached image, could anyone please tell me what the new UIImage name corresponds to the selected state of the rectangle selectors?

    I now found what image to use, although even after tryin' to resize the image, it still stays smaller than the rest of the bar images

    Attached Thumbnails UIImage help (different in 3.0)-img_0005.png  
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    2009-08-16 03:14 PM
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    please help ='[
    2009-08-20 03:07 PM
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    not too sure on this one. havent reached that point in the UI Images yet on my new theme and i may not be there for a while
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    2009-08-20 04:32 PM
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    are you saying that they changed the name of the uiimage.png??? in the 3.0 version?? try looking at this, UISegmentBarButton.png or UISwitchTrackBlue.png or just look at all the navagation buttons, it hard for me to say exactly because Ive themed the whole uiimage package.
    Attached Thumbnails UIImage help (different in 3.0)-iphone-calendar-pic.png  
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    2009-08-29 03:45 AM
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    no clue either, but you have a theme applied that is changing it, why not just look in that theme and find it.
    2009-08-29 04:29 AM
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    thanks everyone for the help
    2009-08-29 01:54 PM
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    Horserider did you find the file that you were looking for??
    2009-08-31 10:20 PM