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  1. lilsundevil02's Avatar
    I have been googling for hours and have not found anything new on this topic. Is it possible or not? I would guess that their is some hardware involved but I really dont know? Does anyone know if their has been a definent answers as to if this is possible?
    2009-09-04 10:15 PM
  2. n00neimp0rtant's Avatar
    I don't think it is hardware-dependent, but it is definitely phone model based, considering T-Mobile has to "flip the switch" to allow your phone IMEI to connect to their network through wifi. In addition, you would need a T-Mobile "gateway" VoIP application to connect through because the stock application does not support VoIP calling, let alone through T-Mobile. If you are really into WiFi calling, may I suggest iCall? I tried it out the other day and it's pretty neat, totally free outbound calling over WiFi. You can use it with 3G Unrestrictor too, but for some reason, I have had complaints on the other end about not hearing my voice. I guess T-Mobile EDGE upload rates aren't fast enough to support VoIP calling over a cellular data network (not that they were intended for such use in the first place haha).
    2009-09-04 11:28 PM
  3. lilsundevil02's Avatar
    Thanks for your help I just get horrible service in my house and thought that could help!
    2009-09-04 11:42 PM
  4. n00neimp0rtant's Avatar
    Go with iCall for the time being. You won't be able to receive calls over it, but you can sign up for YouMail and be texted whenever you miss a call. I like that feature a lot--even if your phone is off or where there is no service, you're still informed if someone called you.
    2009-09-05 08:28 AM