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    I'm totally new at iPhone development and I'm currently working on a camera application where I need the raw data of the image taken.
    I started out by implementing the UIImagePickerController but I soon found out that that API only gave me access to a screenshot image. So I started to google the web for other solutions and I stumbled upon the PLCameraController API which many had used to access the camera. But after reading a thread in here it seems like I will get the same problem using that API, only getting a screenshot to work with and not the actual raw data.

    Please, can somebody help me out here!

    1. Is PLCameraController the API to use when working with the camera?
    2. Is there any way, using PLCameraController, to access the raw data of the image taken? If it is, can someone provide me with an example on how to?

    2009-09-24 08:40 AM