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    hi every1..im nt a developer bt iknow something abt compiling software in unix/linux based os..as we all know iphone os is also a unix..i was trying to port this open source 3d apps call Blender to iphone..iknow its possible coz ican find same app in pocket pc.and also have seen some ported apps like mplayer,vlc...so here is what idid before i write this post here..
    1.install fake-libgcc_1.0(its nt in cydia bt u can find it here)
    2.installed iphone-gcc_4.2 in iphone.
    3.installed python_2.5.1-5
    4.installed ffmpeg
    5.installed bigbosshackertools_1.0
    6.also many lib..from development & multimedia secition cydia(which ithink necessary for compile bt dun know if it works..)

    next i used terminal to compile it..
    it went fairly smooth..bt at the end..there was this message..(see attachment..snap from iphone)
    idk why its nt compiling??
    so ihave request for help in this apps or some dev who can port it to iphone would b great,,
    for source code of blender u can go
    Attached Thumbnails Blender 3d in iphone..-error01.png   Blender 3d in iphone..-error02.png   Blender 3d in iphone..-error03.png  
    2009-09-26 11:32 AM
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    hello./. nobody is here to help me..??its a quiet popular software in 3d world..i just need 2 know why its nt compiling..or have i done it wrong way..thats all..and if nothing works i give up..i can run this app in win/linux both..plz help me..i really want this in iphone..my friend here with pocket pc is teasing me..he have o2 and it runs just fine..everything works..the main purpose im trying this is bcoz im a 3d modeler and sometime whn i need to show my art work..just video and pic does nt do enough to a client so..ineed to show them 3d model..for 2d ican show them with the help of Brush app..its really good 1..bt now i need blender in iphone..HELP ME
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    its a good idea and worth a shot. i have no idea how to compile anything so dont ask me.

    ps:if you get it working please pm me

    also there is a app exactly like blender in the appstore. it is called physics mark. its only 1.19 so i recommend buying it to try out or at least help you with your project
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    thanks..ill try physics mark..
    bt ya im still trying my best to compile Blender after all im use to with it..hope it will turn out good bt im still stuck in same stage..no matter how many time itry..does iphone compile c++ idk..iknow it compile c...may b its a problem..may b not..ithink ialso dont have libvidxcore..and it may b problem 2..and its nt in cydia so ithink ineed to compile it myself ..if some have it plz give a link..
    2009-09-28 04:18 AM
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    ok iworked all nite ystday..and had a little progress in compile..as of 2day idont think gcc have problem..with compiling..ihave tested it..i see the config.log and i remove unnecessary lib like ffmpeg(already compiled),x264(already compile),xvidcore(ithink iphone have this),and fftw..(idk if its needed or nt??) one bye one..from blender folder and have a this much progress..(see attachment)..lastly ihave found there is command problem..bt dun know whr the command is so..im goin 2 keep searching..
    Attached Thumbnails Blender 3d in iphone..-img_0063.png   Blender 3d in iphone..-img_0064.png   Blender 3d in iphone..-img_0065.png   Blender 3d in iphone..-img_0066.png   Blender 3d in iphone..-img_0067.png   Blender 3d in iphone..-img_0068.png  
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