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    I am wanting to design an app that would tell you the location of your bluetooth device if you lost it. Either by way of tracking the signal or if outside using gps coordinates to tell you its location. My question here is, i have not developed anything with bluetooth and i was wondering if any one has any suggestions or code snippets that can get me started on creating this app. If you need more information PM me
    2009-12-18 12:33 AM
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    Firstly, you will need to take a look at the btstack implemented for iPhone, here: btstack - Project Hosting on Google Code

    Secondly, I don't know how viable your project is. Relying on the integrity of a bluetooth signal alone would be a thoroughly inaccurate measure of location, and would only give you distance, not direction. And a device can only return its GPS coordinates if it has a GPS chip, and has been programmed specifically to return these coordinates via bluetooth when requested.

    Do you have any prior advanced coding experience? Because this is exceedingly difficult for a first project.
    2009-12-22 02:01 AM
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    First i should clarify my first post. I'll simplfy what i am trying to do. I want to have an app connect to a bluetooth device and when the connection is lost i want the iphone to display a message that the connection has been lost.

    So what i have found so far is the GameKit provided by apple. This really doesn't help because i cannot use peerpicker since the bluetooth device i want to connect to is not a iPhone. The second thing I have come across is that i might have to become part of the Made for iPod program which allows developers to develop for bluetooth devices. To me this is not a very good option since I do not own my own company and I can't apply for the program then.
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