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    Hey All,
    I also posted this on the requests forum, but as its very urgent for me i decided to post this here also, maybe more eyes will catch this..

    I really need an application to make the sound in the earphones outputted only to one side. I need it as im going snowboarding in 15days, and its very hard to hear anything when both earphones are plugged in.
    I cannot put out one earphone as its connected directly to my helmet.

    Im sure this kind of application will be very helpful to many people who do sports, roller blading, bicycling etc on the streets can become very dangerous if you cant hear cars etc.

    Im pretty sure apple probably blocked that part of api/sdk so no real published iphone app can do it.

    Can somebody work this thing out? it would be super cool! should be very easy, i would be forever grateful, it would be awesome for my snowboarding as i can hear my friends around me without muting every 2 seconds.

    2010-02-04 04:04 PM