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    Did you know that there are over 550 million people who speak Spanish? Don't you be interesting to expand your market to all these people?

    There is always the possibility that use automatic translators but ... you and I know that the results are not good. These translators only translate word by word what you write and don't include typical Spanish expressions.

    People will take away the urge to buy your application when they see these translations because they think the quality of your product is going to be bad.

    I offer to translate your applications and include typical Spanish expressions to give them a greater sense of quality. People will not know where you are, simply your application will be well made and will be familiar for them. I'm Spanish and of course I know the language perfectly.

    If you are interested simply send an email to [email protected]. I'll contact you and give you instructions to start working.

    I'm waiting your email!
    2010-02-13 07:33 PM