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    cant open iphone after cydia reboot device....i have iphone 3gs 3.1.2...installed andorid lock and battery percentage theme....cydia asked for reboot device. then now iphone wont open...i didnot back up my information on my iphone...how can i get my stuffs from my iphone

    anyway i can access to my iphone data? i just want my data on my iphone back
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    2010-02-14 02:02 PM
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    Theres a program called iPhone browser or something like that, i forgot the name of it, but it will allow you to look into your backup files on itunes, and what do you mean your iphone wont open? are you trying to tell us that your iphone wont boot anymore?
    2010-02-14 08:39 PM
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    what i am seeing is when i press the open button, it kept showing the apple silver logo, awhile later, it turns off by itself.

    i think it wont boot more
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  4. TerRK's Avatar
    Same incident here me is 2g 3.0 firmware after install ultrasnow reboot it can't start back the phone
    2010-03-04 12:13 PM
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    same here after i installed an app from cydia it reqiured a reboot after that all i see is the apple logo then it turn itself off,i tried hard reset but same thing happens and also i tried to jailbreak it and it turn off also.is restore from itunes is the last resort??? help!!!
    btw i have 3GS 16g 3.1.2 JB by blackrain cydia on files
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    2010-03-07 05:25 PM