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  1. elextrodeejay's Avatar
    Hello... i just want to know is there any apps that can turn iPod touch as external bluetooth keyboard so i can use with my iPhone as bluetoth keyboard using BTStack Keyboard bluetooth maybe? so i no need to buy expensive bluetooth keyboard.
    if anyone know something please let me know..
    2010-02-20 06:51 AM
  2. SamStradling's Avatar
    if you want to use it with a computer there is an app in the appstore to do this its called logitec wireless mouse (keyboard as well) it works really well otherwise i cant help you sorry
    2010-02-21 05:11 PM
  3. lfc_'s Avatar
    it be nice if someone made a BT Keyboard emulator.. so connecting devices would think the ipod/iphone is a bt keyboard and pair and use without having to install an app on the PC/Mac/PS3
    2010-02-24 07:47 AM