1. purnima.attarsingh's Avatar
    can anyone help me .i am new in Iphone development.
    how to run first program.
    2010-02-24 09:05 AM
  2. Shoganator's Avatar
    You need to first of all be using a macosx environment with xcode and interface builder installed (Along with the iPhone SDK (latest version). Once that is done, develop your app/s and you can use the iPhone simulator to test them. Trying them on your actual device requires jailbreak or to pay for a development license from apple. There are many steps involved with each of these processes. I suggest try a search first of all (on each section) to see what is required...

    jailbreaking is quite straightforward, but to try your apps on the phone requires more... such as ssh'ing onto your phone to transfer the build files, then using "ldid" to fake code-sign them etc....
    2010-02-24 02:52 PM