1. Robyn_yo's Avatar
    Ok so I, like many on here, stupidly updated my iPhone to version 4.1 and lost my jailbreak and unlock (I'm with t-mobile). I did not back my info up to the tiny umbrella or blob thing so I was wondering if there is anything I can do to downgrade or is there an unlock out yet? Someone said there would be an unlock out mid november and here we are!! Can I at least jailbreak it without any problems? I atleast can go without an unlock for a while if jailbreaking it is possible. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

    Oh and has this website worked for anyone downgrading wise? ---> iPod, iPhone and iPad Firmware Download
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    2010-11-22 01:45 AM
  2. Simon's Avatar
    You can jailbreak with limera1n or greenposion while we wait for the unlock to be released.
    2010-11-22 01:49 AM
  3. Robyn_yo's Avatar
    Thank you
    2010-11-27 09:40 AM
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