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    i am new to Iphone development, and am using flash cs5, so far i have 2 little apps i created 1 is a simple game wher eyou avoid some enmies, the other one is for the iphone where you tilt it to move your ship, and tap to shoot (atleast it will be wen i finish)

    I'm guessing this is a really nooby question, so hopefully someone will be able to help me.

    I used some code from this site: ... torials%29

    then changed all the "-" to "+", "x" to "y" and ".width" to ".height"

    now that my background scrolls in the right direction i have 2 problems:
    1) the positioning is really strange, for some reason it only covers the left half of the screen, the image is the right size but the little box that lets you change the registration point isnt available, and i have changed its postitioning to 0,0,0 yet it still only covers half the screen.

    2) the background only moves once, it then goes off the screen and it doesnt reapeat itself.

    Does anyone know how to fix these please?

    2010-11-30 12:04 AM