1. iCloud's Avatar
    I forgot the pass.
    The device is Jailbreak.

    Is there ANY method to unlock it?

    I cannot restore as if I do so, I'll have to update to 4.2 which I don't want to.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    I tried to delete the files "com.apple.springboard.plist" and "keychain-2.db", but the file change doesn't appear on the iPT. To check it, I changed the lock screen image and after reboot the image doesn't change.
    The 2 files after deleting are created again.
    2010-12-04 05:08 PM
  2. moon#pie's Avatar

    How do you forget your own password? I say this sounds fishy...
    2010-12-04 06:13 PM
  3. iCloud's Avatar
    Wasn't using it for sometime.

    You can see that I have joined this website sometime ago, not just now.
    2010-12-04 06:17 PM
  4. moon#pie's Avatar
    lol, two months ago.

    First rule of thumb is don't delete anything you don't know (i.e., the .plist's that you did). Second rule is don't forget your password.

    You have to restore and then se your shsh blobs to go back to 4.1
    2010-12-04 06:20 PM
  5. dreamyguy's Avatar
    I'm also experiencing the same issue. I tried deleting the files "com.apple.springboard.plist" and "keychain-2.db" but once I reboot the phone they come back.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    2010-12-12 10:34 PM
  6. cooldarmc's Avatar
    try downloading your current ipsw and then putting your ipod into recovery mode, then restoring with that ipsw, using shift+clicking the restore button
    2010-12-12 10:55 PM