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  1. Simon's Avatar
    Someone should make a Lakers boot logo
    2011-04-12 04:19 AM
  2. Stray's Avatar
    Ill make you one after I finish the one for my galaxy s
    2011-04-12 04:20 AM
  3. Simon's Avatar
    thx Stray, I am surprised there isnt one already, I have seen plenty of teams in cydia.
    2011-04-12 04:22 AM
  4. Stray's Avatar
    No problem. It might be a day or so. My parents feel im on the comluter for too long so I have an hoir a day now. still got my phone tho
    2011-04-12 04:29 AM
  5. Simon's Avatar
    2011-04-12 04:30 AM
  6. Stray's Avatar
    Lol ok. ill post what my galaxy boot logo looks like when finished too
    2011-04-12 04:39 AM
  7. Khalidgh's Avatar
    Copy9 how can I use it
    2011-04-17 09:03 PM
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