1. scytzoh1877@gmail.com's Avatar
    anyone tell me where i can find the best tutorial on useing gimp..video would be best i guess..all that i found is little studdering kids on youtube....i guess they know what they are talking about but its hard to follow they are all over the map back and forth and a lot of umm...well, whatever um..um... i dunno maybe its me
    2011-03-29 11:52 AM
  2. scytzoh1877@gmail.com's Avatar
    240 views and no one knows?
    2011-04-15 06:23 PM
  3. Amadomon's Avatar
    Aren't there tutes or documentation from the GIMP folks? It's FOSS, so there must be a million forums out there. It's really very similar to Photoshop anyway. Keep looking.
    Quaerite et invenietis.
    2011-04-15 06:43 PM