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  1. kopaka9111's Avatar
    trying to get this image as my lock screen back ground im kinda new to the whole theme creation thing and was wondering if i could convert a gif to a format the iphone would accept heres the image im trying to work with

    im on a iphone 3GS version 4.2.1 if that helps
    thanks in advance
    and when im all done ill share my wesker theme with the world
    2011-04-18 09:21 PM
  2. seann33uk's Avatar
    i don't think you'll be able to as iphone wasn't really designed for gifs... it only works on pngs and static gifs and such..
    suppose a way to animate it woujld be to convert to video format and use vwallpaper.
    or save each frame as an image
    and use wallpaper rotate (think thats what its called) on a high refresh rate. (:
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    2011-04-18 10:21 PM
  3. kopaka9111's Avatar
    yea i know it dosent work with gifs but i was wondering a way i can go into photoshop and convert it to something i can use even if i have to do it frame by frame
    2011-04-20 04:30 AM
  4. william_vab's Avatar
    What you can do is create an html file that embeds the image (in your case a .gif) as if it was a web page and name this html file LockBackground.html. It should work but it will run slowly and you will need to limit the amount of frames in the gif to about 15 or so maybe less.
    2011-07-24 06:36 PM