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    can some one help me make a cydia repo? im willing to pay $40 for any one who can help out shoot me a message if you can.
    2011-05-11 01:03 AM
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    I made this tut my self
    This tutorial will tel you how to make a repo
    You will need:
    - Deb making skills (click here on how to make a deb)-
    Make a bzip2
    -MD5sum program

    1. Create a folder anywhere called "repo"
    2. Make a new file no extensions called "Release"
    3. Then open it with notepad
    4. Copy this code into it
    Origin: Name of your repo
    Label: Header when the user taps your repo
    Suite: stable
    Version: 1.0
    Codename: stable
    Architectures: darwin-arm
    Components: main
    Description: Description of your repo.

    Save it and then make a new folder inside the Repo folder called "debs"
    6. The deb which you have made (i will be making a tutorial on how to make one) put it into there
    7. Then make a new file with no extensions in the repo folder called "Packages"
    8. Copy from the control which you have made from your deb into there
    9. Add this new line in the "Packages" file
    Filename: ./debs/yourdebname.deb
    Size: Your size of your deb (it is not the one size on disk it is the top one)
    MD5sum: Your MD5 sum you have made for the deb
    10. Once you have done that press enter to add a new line and save it
    11. Now make a bzip2 file of the Packages
    12. Now that you have done that upload the "repo" folder into your ftp account and add your source
    e.g. www.icydiaify.comoj.com/repo/
    Note: my proper repo is this www.icydiaify,comoj.com/
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