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    First a message to Mods/Admins: I hope this is the right place for this. This is not a solication to sell anything. Thanks

    Now the Post: I am looking for any local (Long Island NY) residents that are looking to learn Objective-C with me. I'm an ok programmer in C# but I don't learn new languages well on my own. Anyone who wants to learn with me is welcome to be my partner in any apps we make for the App Store, and share everything equally (yes 50/50) This is nothing formal, and at the least I'd just like a study partner interested in learning objective-c and iOS app making with me. I can't provide any hardware (or non-free software, but then again XCode is $5) I can however add you to my developer account (legally, and within TOS) if you want to learn and make apps with me. I ask for locals only as if I wanted to do something online, I'd take an online course. PM me if you are interested.

    Note: I am looking for only 1 to 2 partners for now, and I'll post back once I found them.
    2011-06-23 10:53 PM
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    i dont live in long island but i live close in queens village
    2011-06-24 08:01 PM
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    That's close enough. It's still the same land mass, so it would still be pretty easy to work together, and meet up. If you are interested, you can PM me for contact details. (Also gotta speak to you on the phone eventually to make sure you aren't a murder :P)
    2011-06-24 08:08 PM