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    I have an idea i will share thats got to be an instant money maker ? Is it possible to design an app that works as an overlay on other apps that can record your finger stroke on the screen as some sort of visible effect, eg: a ripple effect that surrounds the finger touch and follows it around similar to mesmerize on the ps3.

    This way i can then connect the idevice to my 52" tv and bang i have an i console where i can watch my finger strokes on the big screen and not have to look at my device, whoever makes this, i will buy it infact if you do make this you will make a fair bit of money so throw me some and then ill buy it

    Anyone else think this is a brilliant idea..
    2011-06-24 12:49 AM
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    'DisplayOut' already does this and is available in the Cydia store ($2.99 for JB devices).

    Try 'Show Taps' option in Preferences (via Settings.app)
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    2011-07-09 01:29 AM